Wharf 2 Wharf 2 Wharf

The Fullers Wharf 2 Wharf on Auckland’s Waiheke Island has several events, ranging from the full 25km race from Orapiu to Matiatia, to 13km and 12km events from Orapiu to Onetangi or Onetangi to Matiatia and a shorter 7km from Kennedy Point to Matiatia.

On Sunday July 28th 2013, I set off with 5 friends to run the “Wharf 2 Wharf 2 Wharf” as a training run. This was a 50km run, running the Wharf 2 Wharf course in reverse from Matiatia to Orapiu, and then back again. This post talks a little bit about our run, and then a little bit about the different event options when running the event proper.

We met at the ferry building in downtown Auckland about 6:30am for the 7:00am ferry and had a coffee while waiting. By the time the ferry set off, the sun was coming up and it was clearly going to be a beautiful day. It’s an enjoyable boat trip over to Waiheke, taking about 40 to 50 minutes depending whether or not it has to stop in Devonport.

Ann Brown, one of the organisers of the Wharf 2 Wharf, met us as the ferry came it; she had very kindly offered to look after our gear while we ran and meet us at Onetangi on the way back, and then again at Matiatia before we boarded the ferry back home.

And then off we went. There was never any intention to make this a fast run, and there was plenty of walking, especially on the hills. We reached the half way point after about 2h43 and managed to run back faster in about 2h41 (the hills are slightly easier on the way back), making it back with about ten minutes to spare for the 2pm ferry home.

The Wharf 2 Wharf event itself is one way from Orapiu to Matiatia; there’s a ferry ride from Matiatia to Orapiu to get you to the start line of the 25km and 13km. The first 13km has a steep climb at the start, undulating roads and more hills, but the views of the harbour and islands are spectacular.

13km runners finish at Onetangi, which is also where the 12km event starts. This part of the run is much less hilly and as a result the views aren’t quite as spectacular but if you don’t want to run the tough hills then the 12km event might just be for you.

We didn’t run the 7km course, which runs from Kennedy Point to Matiatia, but it joins the 25km/12km event at some stage.

I’d never run on Waiheke Island before this particular training run, but it was an enjoyable experience and I’ll be going back there again to run.