All about that bass

No not this one: This one, much better: This song really suits some sultry, sexy jazz. What I love about the jazz version is how you see a couple of what look like floozies on the side tapping/swaying to the music. And then they start to sing! Wow!! Oh and that two-man bass is pretty […]

(Secret) audacious running goal

After Saturday’s DNF at The Hillary, I have set myself an audacious running goal. But it’s a secret for a couple of reasons, and will require flagging some of my runs in Strava as private. The goal itself is still a year away and quite possibly impossible for me to accomplish, and I will only reveal […]

The Hillary Ultra 2015 – My first ever DNF

The Hillary is an 80km ultra marathon, 34km run and 16km run/walk, following the Hillary Trail in the Waitakere Ranges in Auckland, New Zealand. I ran at the second edition of the 80km ultra on Saturday March 14th 2015 but failed to finish, missing the cut off at Piha, and wouldn’t have continued even if […]