Harcourts Beach Series Coastal Run

Last week I went for a run with Nick from the Harcourts Beach Series and Jason from Triathletes Corner on the new 8km Coastal Run, which is one of the events at the weekly beach series returning on November 3rd. The other events are the 5km and junior 2.5km beach runs; 500m, 1000m, 1500m and […]

Life’s What You Make It by Talk Talk

A couple of days ago I posted up two music videos of the song “It’s My Life”, the first by Talk Talk and the second a remake by No Doubt for their singles collection, after hearing the No Doubt version on the radio. It was such a familiar song, but the band Talk Talk didn’t […]

It’s My Life by Talk Talk & No Doubt

I heard No Doubt’s It’s My Life while driving Jamie to his music lesson tonight and knew it had to be a remake, but who? I knew it was something from my youth; Bryan Ferry / Roxy Music was my guess but it turned out to be Talk Talk. Who? I’ll have to go listen […]

Stills from Stars Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer #2

Here are some stills from the just realeased teaser trailer #2 of Stars Wars: The Force Awakens, due for release in December 2015. Title: Crashed Star Destroyer on a sand planet. I noticed when I watched the trailer the second time there’s also a crashed X-Wing in the foreground. Darth Vader’s mask. Could this have […]

All about that bass

No not this one: This one, much better: This song really suits some sultry, sexy jazz. What I love about the jazz version is how you see a couple of what look like floozies on the side tapping/swaying to the music. And then they start to sing! Wow!! Oh and that two-man bass is pretty […]

(Secret) audacious running goal

After Saturday’s DNF at The Hillary, I have set myself an audacious running goal. But it’s a secret for a couple of reasons, and will require flagging some of my runs in Strava as private. The goal itself is still a year away and quite possibly impossible for me to accomplish, and I will only reveal […]

The Hillary Ultra 2015 – My first ever DNF

The Hillary is an 80km ultra marathon, 34km run and 16km run/walk, following the Hillary Trail in the Waitakere Ranges in Auckland, New Zealand. I ran at the second edition of the 80km ultra on Saturday March 14th 2015 but failed to finish, missing the cut off at Piha, and wouldn’t have continued even if […]

Ferris Bueller sings Twist and Shout

Right, so I had to follow up the last past with Ferris singing Twist and Shout by The Beatles, given that last video ended so abruptly. Despite being 12 when FBDO came out, I was still under the illusion that Matthew Broderick was actually singing it… As it turns out, it wasn’t even a Beatles […]

The Smiths – Please Please Please

Feeling melancholic? Well this beautiful song by The Smiths is for you. It was in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off* as an instrumental. (*One of the best movies ever.) I can’t seem to find a video of this song, given it was a B-Side and kind of old now (yep, I’m kind of old too), so this will […]