I heard No Doubt’s It’s My Life while driving Jamie to his music lesson tonight and knew it had to be a remake, but who? I knew it was something from my youth; Bryan Ferry / Roxy Music was my guess but it turned out to be Talk Talk. Who? I’ll have to go listen to their other music now.

So here’s Talk Talk’s original version:

And here’s the No Doubt version:

Despite the nostalgia factor when it comes to Talk Talk’s original, I think I like No Doubt’s version better (music, not comparing the videos), although it’s a close call as they areĀ almost identical. But then I am always more partial to female vocalists…

There’s quite an interesting story behind the No Doubt version over at Wikipedia:Ā https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/It%27s_My_Life_(Talk_Talk_song)

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